Saturday, August 29, 2015

Watercolor For the Distracted Mom

Watercolor is hard.  And sometimes frustrating. And I have a lot to learn. But I LOVE it! 
For one thing, it's the perfect medium for someone who has an attention span that is about as long as her kids, and who only has a few minutes (literally) in between craziness to throw down a few washes.  When I'm busy, layers are drying, and by the time I find I have a few minutes in between activities, it's ready to add another layer.  Win-win!
I also love painting in a sketchbook  I feel like I can experiment and learn and the pressure to make something great is off. 
I photographed the different layers so if I did fail completely, I could tell at what point things started going south.
Here's the latest:
First step - draw the image and add the under-tones. I like this layer the most.  I like seeing pencil lines and the different colors. Maybe I should have stopped here.

I wanted the rose to be a little warmer, so I added a few more washes of oranges and yellows.

I layered oranges, reds, violets, greens, blues and browns to create the color of the roses and the shadows.

A few more layers, some highlights and it's finished!


  1. That is so neat it is pretty with the pencil showing!

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