Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sketches of the Kirtland Temple

These are VERY quick sketches - I just had time to get the basic information down and the add a little paint to get an idea of the lighting later.  Perspective is WAAAAAAYYY off, but it still is fun to look at what I drew and at least be able to remember in my head what it looked like in real life.
I remember being surprised at how unique and beautiful the entrance was.  I think it was one of my favorite parts of the temple - maybe just because I was so surprised. I didn't realize it was three-stories, with two sets of stairs - one on either side, going up to the second and third levels, with a beautiful opening cut out of the second story landing.  I had an idea of what the main room looked like from pictures, but there were a lot of surprises.  I do wish I had a little more time to spend on the sketches, but was happy I got what I did.  I might try to take a few of them and work them out a little better.

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