Sunday, August 2, 2015

Our first day here!

Our first day started out with testing.  Little Man was so brave.  He was scared - he's had the test done before and knows it hurts, but went in bravely, and cooperated, and did so well.  I was a proud mama! 
The good news is that the reflux is gone - the first time almost ever!  The only thing is that they couldn't fill his bladder completely.  They could only fill it about half.  I'm not sure what that means, but they said that Little Man's doctor would call to discuss the results before surgery Friday.
After that testing was over, it was playtime!  We went to the science center and had a blast.  We learned that Venus is 450 degrees on the surface, Mars has Mt. Everest-sized dust devils, Jupiter has lightning that is 10 times stronger than on Earth, Titan - Saturn's moon - has liquid methane lakes and rivers and rains liquid methane because it's too cold for liquid water, and best of all, Neptune rains diamonds.  I don't remember the specifics, other than the extreme pressure on Neptune causes carbon or something to produce diamonds that rain down, and some are the size of boulders! 
We looked for clues in the adventure exhibit, played with water with Poseidon, climbed in and out of submarines, and saw a shrunken head.  That was actually really disturbing, especially after reading how it's done and why.  It definitely gave me the creeps.
We went back to the Ronald McDonald House and ate dinner and Little Man did school.  Not a bad day!

Our first clue!!
Can you believe this is done in jelly beans!?!
Little Man is trying to lift a car!

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